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Nike SB True To Form: Miami

May 2018 by Route One

A 49 second clip wouldn't normally warrant a blog post from us; any collection of footage that could be uploaded to Instagram in its entirety should realistically be considered throwaway. That said, in this instance two fellow Brits are making waves the other side of the pond so we figure we might as well G up the lads as best we can and support 'em in any way possible! 

This new upload from Nike SB focuses on Numbers' London local Kyron Davies & fellow capital resident, Isle ripper Casper Brooker, tearing up Miami with Girl Skateboard's Sean Malto coming along for the ride. Though short this is most certainly sweet, showcasing Casper's power and Kyron's delicately deft touch perfectly as they well and truly merk their humid surroundings. 

We won't lie, we'd really have preferred a much longer tour piece out of these guys but sometimes you have to accept that quality is better than quantity and the lads do not let us down on that front. If you want a bit of hype that's quicker than necking an espresso, this is definitely the vid for you this week!


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