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Nike SB Welcomes Daan

Jan 2018 by Route One

Generally, when it comes to picking and choosing from the countless examples of skate media released each week, we try to keep it relatively wide in terms of the content we share here at Route One. After all, if all we concentrated on was the latest VX clip outta NYC, the transition rippers, ledge technicians and insta freestylers would get bored pretty quickly and all we'd be left with would be some blurry no complies and massive sales account with Dickies & Converse!

 That said, sometimes clip releases unintentionally coincide and they're so good we have to double up on a particular skater or brand. You know full well that when Daan Van Der Linden's name pops up we're gonna be straight in there, so this week is one of those occasions where you're getting quite a bit of the same guy. Who cares though when we get to see so much Daan footage!?!

 Having grown up as an integral part of the Vans Europe roster, Daan has seen fit to reward his wallet with a leap to the Nike SB camp and, to celebrate, the powers that be flew him and a select crew to the sunny island of Gran Canaria for some winter sun and some insane shredding!

 We won't ruin the surprise by calling out tricks but we will confirm that this is one of those clips you really don't want to miss - Daan is pure magic on a skateboard and we'll share four clips of him every week if that's what it takes to spread the good word!

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