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NocturnUP Bangkok

May 2017 by Route One

Fans of UK skate video will likely be familiar with London based lensman Nick Richards through his globe trotting escapades with Red Bull. Over the past few years he's applied his unique eye and superior camera skills to build a reputation second to none, and now the big boys over at Transworld have commissioned from him a series, featuring all his usual cohorts, showcasing cities oft' ignored when it comes to skateboard tourism.


Those familiar associates are, of course, our very own welsh wonder Dylan Hughes and the irrepressible talents of big smoke resident and veritable pint-sized ripper Mr Daryl Dominguez. In this first episode, our now familiar crew cruise the neon lit streets of Bangkok in twilight and illustrate there is way more to this city than Buddhist temples and ladyboy cabaret.

Beautifully captured and edited to perfection, the fantastic threesome (alongside Austin Funk and a select crew of up and coming local Thai talent) have not only instilled the desire to want to get out and skate in us, but also the sent the travel bug to bite us in the behind. It's a big old world out there kids, and your skateboard can take you to see all parts of it - having watched this we now want to see as much of it as possible and we imagine you will too!

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