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Nyjah's Happy Place
Nyjah's Happy Place
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Nyjah's Happy Place

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

What can 15 years of constant practice and the some of the most natural ability ever seen bring you? Monster paying for your own private park and a "happy place" consisting of insanely beautiful women playing in your back yard swimming pool, if this latest clip promoting Street League Skateboarding is to be believed!

We all know Element and Nike SB pro Nyjah is something special; knocking out a crooked grind nollie inward heel on a rail isn't the 'go to' trick for you average Joe after all. We also know the guy likes to party and it seems he's actually quite self aware and more than happy to send him self up; promoting the upcoming super crown whilst taking a dig at your own public persona shows a rare humble side to the most sportsman like name in our industry right now.

There isn't much more to be said about this clip to be fair. Truth be told it'll take longer for you to read this write up than watch the whole thing from start to finish. Hopefully though it will remind you that skateboarding isn't to be taken seriously, even if the "reward" is back flipping honeys and a California mansion for those who do!

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