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Jan 2018 by Route One

PJ Ladd ABD music aside, this new clip from Vague Mag is as on point as UK skate footage can be and includes some rather fashionably attired young gentlemen merking the streets of South London in as British a way as possible!

 Famous meet up spots and back street crust get dealt with in equal measure by the Rios crew and it's all captured admirably with the in vogue camera of choice (though what our nation's youth are gonna do when all the 20 year old VX's die is quite a worry - there must be some serious sleep being lost over the matter as they're a very finite resource!).

 Clocking in at a little under six minutes this is a very realistic dose of UK crew skateboarding in 2018. Of course none of it is going to set the world alight but it represents what we do rather well - averagely talented folk getting out there, mixing up the terrain and basically having a laugh with their skateboards. Can't argue with that really!

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