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Pig Wheels Extra Crispy

Jul 2016 by Route One

Tum Yeto’s Pig Wheels brand goes way back. So far back in fact that they dropped the amazing ‘All Systems Go’ back in 1998 before many of you were born!

18 years later and they have released their second full length video featuring the likes of Blake Carpenter, Billy Marks, Corey Duffel, Leo Romero and Forrest Edwards. It’s everything you’d hope for and expect from a Tum Yeto production – raw, gnarly skateboarding and zero messing about.

Blake open things up with a series of wheelchair ramp clearances and the vid is closed by Foundation & Etnies madman Braxton Powers chomping down on the biggest of rails. If you like your skateboarding balls to the wall, pedal to the metal and a thousand other manly sayings, this is definitely the video for you!

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