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Programming Injection
Programming Injection
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Programming Injection

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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Toy Machine skateboards is 26 years old, how mental is that!?! Always reinventing itself and always relevant, Ed Templeton's brand has gone through more face changes than Katy Price and yet, as always, hype for the brand's latest release remains just as high as ever. It just goes to show you can't keep a great skateboard company down!

The 2019 chapter of Toy Machine's rich history sees newest full length Programming Injection distributed to the waiting world through Thrasher broadcast segments and it's the inaugural installment that we're sharing with you today. Why? Because the opening section of any video is always one of the best and it's also that of Thrasher cover star Myles Willard and we wanna see that wallride!

A fan of the awkward pole jam yet also not afraid to get himself mixed up in some treacherous handrail terrain, as far as opening parts go the Baltimore native does not disappoint; honouring the legacy of a brand as strong as Toy Machine whilst also keeping things current. It's a hard balancing act to pull of yet the lad does it with aplomb. Plus there's that wallride of course, watching the video is worth it for that clip alone!

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