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R1 At Nitro Circus
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R1 At Nitro Circus

  • 4 min read
  • By Route One

When Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live rolled into the UK, this week, on an adrenaline-fuelled three night arena tour we received a special invitation from DC to attend the opening night in London.

Arriving in the enormodome known as the London O2 we were escorted to DC's swanky VIP box overlooking the arena. Here we were greeted by the DC crew armed with cold beers, snacks and a plentiful stock of DC foam hands (a bit like the ones they used to have on that corny TV show "Gladiators" if you can remember that!)

The show was a jaw-dropping thrill ride from start to finish with the main focus of the DC Mega-Ramp off which anything seemed fair game - bikers, skaters, inliners, skiers, toy cars and even Aaron Fotheringham took his wheelchair down the 10M drop to attempt a front flip (yes you read that correctly - a FRONT FLIP on a wheelchair!!!)


This was like a modern day take on the classic Evel Knievel stunt shows remixed for the MTV generation with plenty of pyros, video screens and duelling hype men psyching the crowd up to fever-pitch. Most of the s**t pulled was truly awe-inspiring… Wanna see a dude triple-flip a BMX - you got it! Wanna see a Special-Flip on a motorbike - check! It was that kind of night.

The following nights saw the show roll out in Manchester and Birmingham which marked the end of their huge debut European tour which has been so well received they've already announced dates for next year! With the upcoming Nitro Circus 3D Movie due in cinemas in 2013 it looks like it's only gonna get bigger for Travis and his crew.

Extra special thanks to everyone at DC UK and DC Europe for their outstanding hospitality.

Two days later it was the turn of our R1 Competition winner Alex, from Warwickshire, to enjoy his prize package at the Nitro Circus event in Birmingham. He emailed us this morning still buzzing from last night's show:

"Thank you very much for last night, the prize was hands down the best thing I've ever won and ever likely to win, Nitro Circus was incredible and the DC guys were some of the nicest people I have ever met. We all started the night sedately sat in our seats watching the show and by the end we were jumping up and down fist pumping our foam hands in the air screaming the Nitro Circus guys to go bigger! It was a night of seeing lots of things for the first time, three people on one bike doing a backflip was a pretty memorable one, a double front flip on a scooter, a special flip on an FMX bike, plus seeing the whole nitro circus crew up in the air at the same time! A massive thank you to everyone at Route One and DC Shoes, we are very grateful. The hotel / apartment was also extremely nice and I'd definitely recommend City Nites to anyone that wants to stay somewhere in Birmingham!"

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