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Real Skate Stories: Mike V and Ed T

Mar 2021 by Route One
You know how 'Raw Files' and 'Off-Cuts' edits have been all the rage these past few years? It makes perfect sense doesn't it? Peering behind the curtain to see your favourite pro's sessions not only gives us that sneaky sense of voyeurism, as though we were there to see the reality of the missions as they play out, but also exposes just how good some of them really are - Jake Hayes' recent UCI backside noseblunt All Attempts clip is testament to that!
But what about years gone by? Short of Fred Mortagne's amazing Behind the French Fred Scenes (that allowed us to sneak a peek at the work that went into early 00's masterpiecesSorry and Menikmati) there hasn't been much to speak of that showcased the actuality of professional skateboarding prior to the internet age.
Well, Tony Roberts has just changed all that. The man responsible for curating the legendary Santa Cruz video Speed Freaks has taken to uploading the raw tapes of his filming pursuits and they're every bit the exposé of the era that you'd hope. From Eric Dressen tearing up the NHS Warehouse mini to a 14 year old Danny Way just being Danny Way, these videos are uncovering the 'behind the scenes' reality to a golden age only previously viewed through the glossy veneer of a finished product.
The latest reel to be released focuses on Mike V and Ed Templeton spending two days in 1988 skating none stop - this is skate history gold!

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