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Real Skateboards 'By Any Means'
Real Skateboards 'By Any Means'
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Real Skateboards 'By Any Means'

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  • By Route One
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In turbulent times and an era of industry upheaval, one thing can be relied upon: the certainty that Real Skateboards can and will supply us with no nonsense skateboarding of the highest order. In these days of customer ambivalence and establishment peril we reckon we can all be grateful for the stability they offer!

This brand new clip, entitled 'By Any Means' and clocking in at a healthy twelve and a half minutes, is everything we've come to expect from Jim Thiebaud's boys. Released through Thrasher and containing appearances from most of the roster, the video concentrates on the new blood of Zion Wright, Jack Olson, Jafin Garvey and Willy Lara as they carry the legendary SF brand's torch forward into the stormy waters of skateboarding in 2017.

As expected, never once do they waiver; a clip opening with a Bricktown NBD is unlikely to be weak, let's be fair! They continue to prove that gimmicks, vlogs and celebrity endorsements simply aren't necessary when you're out there killing it in the streets. Once again Real illustrates how things should be done...

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