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Richie Jackson Death Skateboards Part
Richie Jackson Death Skateboards Part
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Richie Jackson Death Skateboards Part

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

After two years of hard graft, originality and persistence Richie Jackson has just dropped another one of a kind video part for Death Skateboards.

With endless amounts of online video sections, instagram clips breaking the internet and pretty much all skateboard tricks being completed, it's nice to see Richie Jackson has brought some fresh air to the online skate section game.
In a Thrasher interview Richie explained that every trick was fully thought out, planned and a big gamble to film as well as actually doing them... The types of tricks Richie attempts are completely new and haven't been captured on film, that being said, he particularly took the biscuit with his stair well ender between 3 highways, good job he had a highly skilled drone flying friend to hand to film it for him.
Richie's formula for making such a video part is pretty interesting, conception (thinking of an insane never done before trick), find the right spot for that imagined trick and lastly go out and make it happen with the vision in mind.
This section is truly a hats off to 6 minutes of pure creativity, blood, sweat and tears as well as behind the scenes madness stair lubricating and adapting tricks to various environments.
Press the play button, be blown away and head down to your local tesco, steal a wet floor sign and slide down some hills...

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