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Riley's 'Extra Flare' Pt.2
Riley's 'Extra Flare' Pt.2
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Riley's 'Extra Flare' Pt.2

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  • By Route One
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What can we say about this really? When everybody else on the team (every one of them a stone cold shredder obviously) put out their raw footage from 'The Flare', we were stoked but secretly just passing time, waiting for Riley's installment to drop. Finally Thrasher released Hawk Jr's clip and it was everything we'd hoped for; perfectly happy with the content offered to us we wouldn't have considered asking for more, but with the release of this second chapter, somehow "more" is exactly what we've got!




Where the original off-cuts, alternative angles and B-roll focused on Riley's penchant for big rails and even bigger ditches, part two highlights a much more technical side of his skate trick arsenal. Featuring a great deal of ledge-dancing wizardry (and more than its fair share of mainland Euro block hammers) this proves without a doubt that Tony's lad can mix it up with the best of 'em on any terrain he chooses!





A little under 12 minutes when all is said and done, Baker pro Riley Cements himself as a marquee name in his own right; you don't get enders in a Lakai production through nepotism and you can't do front blunt 270 flips just coz your day knows his way around a vert ramp. This is serious, it's about time you got some!

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