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Rodney Mullen: The Route One Interview Pt.1
Rodney Mullen: The Route One Interview Pt.1
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Rodney Mullen: The Route One Interview Pt.1

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

There are skateboarders, there are legends and then there is skateboarding royalty. Right at the top of this hierarchy sits the one and only Rodney Mullen and, back in the summer during the Globe ‘EUTRIPPIN’ Tour, we were lucky enough to be granted a couple of hours in his presence.

To speak with the man is a humbling experience. Here is the chap that invented it all; from flip tricks to board shapes – every facet of your modern skateboarding experience has been shaped by this man yet he remains as friendly and approachable as the kid learning to drop in.

In this exclusive two part interview Almost Pro Rodney discusses many aspects of his life; in part one we hear him talk about his involvement with Globe, attending Tony Hawk’s recent nuptials, filming with Mike Ternasky and how Rocco wagered his future over one measly dollar.

Stay tuned for part two, this is simply unmissable…

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