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Selfie Sticks And Korean Tricks
Selfie Sticks And Korean Tricks
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Selfie Sticks And Korean Tricks

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Jake Johnson joins Krooked boys Mike Anderson, Bobby Worrest and Sebo Walker on this excursion to the fine city of Seoul, South Korea.

Featuring some insanely beautiful architecture and appropriately styled skateboarding to match, this edit shows there is still a lot of the world to be searched in the hunt for Chin and that fun can be found in all four corners of the globe.

Perfect marble and the smoothest of granite get seen to and if this isn’t enough to dig out your passport and go discover the world around you then we don’t know what is. Just don’t come moaning to us next time your local park gets rained out and there’s dog mess in the landing of the local Aldi six set!

Get out and see the world; skateboarding is your vehicle and the earth is your playground – or some other equally nauseating mantra that actually rings pretty true!

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