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Shane O'Neill 'Cutting Room Floor'
Shane O'Neill 'Cutting Room Floor'
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Shane O'Neill 'Cutting Room Floor'

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  • By Route One
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Holy off-cuts batman, how on earth is this the kind of stuff that gets left over? With a level of recorded trickery most established pro's would give their energy drink sponsorship money just to get a sniff at, the antipodean skate wizard delivers yet another full section, again claiming it to be considered worthy of little more than throwaway! 

The fact that such a ridiculous volume of top level skateboarding manoeuvres can be collated from that considered "unworthy" illustrates just how talented Melbourne native Shane is (as if we didn't already know!). With some of the tricks dating back to his pre Primitive days, it's easy to see why it was a no brainer for P Rod to be determined to get his homie on board! 

Released by Aussie mag 'The Skateboarder's Journal' and accompanied (via their site) with a revisit to their excellent 2015 interview with the lad, this is as healthy a bite of 'down under' shredding you're ever likely to find and something none of us can afford to miss.

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