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Shoe Care - Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Dec 2014 by Route One

Long gone are the days when your new shoes and trainers get ruined almost instantaneously after the first wear. With the introduction of brands such as Crep protect, Jason Markk and Sneaky offering a wide range of brilliantly innovating products which not only keep your shoes in top condition, but also offer protective elements to their arsenal; they have you covered from start to finish. Here we take a look at some of the key products from each brand focusing on each element of their abilities, giving you an insight into the impressive capabilities of each product on offer.

Crep Protect -

The introduction of Crep Protect to the industry promises to revolutionise footwear protection for the masses on a global scale, starting from the bottom up - quite literally. Specifically designed with a unique blend of ingredients, Crep Protect offers you, the consumer, the peace of mind that your shoes will always be protected from moisture, stains and any other spoils that you may encounter on a daily basis.

Created using increasingly popular Nano Technology, Crep Protect creates an invisible, optically clear protective barrier over your shoes, beading liquids to help reduce stain and dirt deposits. This technology, once applied as instructed, can last for approximately two weeks making cleaning you shoes as easy as a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

Also available to coincide with the innovative protective spray is the Crep Protect Cure Kit. Containing a 120ml bottle of biodegradable cleaning solution, two variations of the classic cleaning brush and microfiber cloth, this kit comes complete in it's very own clear acrylic miniature shoe box.

Sneaky Spray & Sneaky Wipes -

A new brand at the forefront of modern technology, Sneaky offers you a universal water and stain repellent that works on all types of materials including leather, suede, nubuck, synthetics and canvas. Sneaky Spray provides an invisible and breathable layer of protection for your sneakers, hats and garments offering long lasting protection due to its durable Nano Technology formula.

Available in 200ml cans, this impressive product offers a generous amount of protection for a very affordable price. Also available as part of the new Sneaky range are 'Sneaky Wipes'. Advised to be used in conjunction with their bigger brother, Sneaky Wipes are a pocket sized essential for keeping your footwear fresh on the go. Using embedded microfiber beads in a tough resistant cloth, these wipes help to remove not only the toughest of ground in dirt but also offer great cleaning abilities and temporary protection against moisture and stains.

Jason Markk –

At the forefront of shoe protection for quite some time now, Jason Markk has firmly established himself as the go to guy for premium quality shoe care products. A range consisting of an Essential Kit, Premium Shoe Cleaner, Quick Wipes, Microfiber Cloth and two grades of cleaning brush, both Premium and Standard, ensure that you are covered at all bases when revitalising both your new and worn footwear.

A firm favourite from the Jason Markk range and constant best seller is the ‘Essential Kit’. Coming complete with a 4 oz. bottle of Premium Shoe Cleaner and a Standard Shoe Cleaning Brush, this kit is packaged in a Jason Markk fresh pouch making this is an ideal gift for somebody who is looking to protect and rejuvenate both their new and old footwear and will offer an effective clean and condition for up to 100 pairs of shoes just from this small kit.

Although working across a range of materials such as premium leather, suede, cotton mesh and other delicate materials; Jason Markk still advise that you take extra care and are gentle with any application onto your footwear.

All items displayed above available both online and in store now.

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