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The Hardbody Video

Mar 2021 by Route One
If you're a regular reader of our posts you may have noticed a bit of a theme this year, namely that not an instalment has gone by without a fawning reaction to a new Antonio Durao release and, somehow, this week is no different!
Honestly, it seems as though the lad from Patchogue, NY is determined to run away with the SOTY nomination before spring has even sprung, such is his work ethic in 2021! First there was Lawn Guy Land, then came Stingwater's Paid 2 Sk8, and now we have The Hardbody Video - all with that insane level of footy we've come to expect from the raven haired skateboarding demi-god!
Again, much like Paid 2 Sk8, there is much more to The Hardbody Video than just Antonio - in fact Shawn Powers has quite possibly his best skate (and least lobstery) footage to date - but we'd be lying if we said anyone but AD was the highlight. The man switch front blunts blubba in the middle of his for goodness sake; nobody else is doing that right now!

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