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The Tech Files Ep. 0

Jan 2015 by Route One

Everyone’s favourite Brighton based skateboarding scientist Dr Tech (otherwise known as all round lovely fellow Darran Nolan) is back with a new series, exploring the evolution of freestyle and street skating, over on the Ride Channel.

This new set of episodes, brilliantly filmed and edited by the one and only Andy Evans (he of ‘Heel Toe Magic’ fame), mark a new direction for the guys over at Ride – this stuff is seriously funny and right royally takes the proverbial out of parts of our beloved pastime that have previously been taken way too seriously.

This week sees episode zero explain the premise of the forthcoming series to the perplexed yanks who, if the comments on Youtube are anything to go by, don’t have a clue what is really going on here. Be proud of your British heritage and lap up every minute of this; we doubt you’ll see owt funnier all year!

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