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Tiago Lemos 'Plaza TC Tour'
Tiago Lemos 'Plaza TC Tour'
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Tiago Lemos 'Plaza TC Tour'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

DC Brazil produces the goods in the form of tech & pop overlord Tiago Lemos touring the country alongside the likes of Carlos Iqui, Alex Carolino and more. If you like your skateboarding super clean and popped chest high, this is the clip of the week for you!

The video production is exactly as you'd expect, with super crispy HD, capturing the dopest of moves on plaza spots you'll never likely get the chance to skate. Worry yourself not about this though, and simply enjoy text book skateboarding performed in the freshest of garms. You can also relish the fact you get to see both a Nollie flip and a Nollie heel done over legit benches in the rain in a line! Tiago does not mess about even when precipitation tries to stop play; well, until he takes a hefty one to the face that is...

The Bossa Nova sounds accompanying the footage provide the perfect soundtrack and at no point does the skating disappoint. Basically DC are killing their side of the skateboarding game whilst everyone else fights it out for a slice of the toe cap pie. Skateboarding has always been about different interpretations of how we can ride our beloved toy and clips like this show variation is still alive and well - long may it continue!

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