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Tyler ‘Squints’ Imel
Tyler ‘Squints’ Imel
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Tyler ‘Squints’ Imel

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Creature Skateboards’ Tyler Squints (what a name!) really isn’t afraid to put down a hefty slam. Take his first trick in this Berrics exclusive clip; your average Joe would sack off attempting the fakie ride-out into that ditch of death after the first failed attempt. Not Tyler, in fact it’s amazing the lad has any skin on his arms left!

He also has one hell of an eye for a spot, putting out a part chock full of ditch heaven and insane terrain. Sadly you aren’t getting street obstacles like this behind your local Aldi!

Sometimes all it takes is one part to blow a skater up into a household name and, if there is any justice in the world, this should be the one for Squints – the gnarliness and rad factor have both been turned up to 11 and this is a clip we’re going to be watching again and again for some time to come.

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