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Tyshawn Jones: The Route One Interview
Tyshawn Jones: The Route One Interview
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Tyshawn Jones: The Route One Interview

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

He may well have made his name ripping the raw streets of New York, first for Supreme and then F.A, but it’s his stand out part in adidas’ ground breaking ‘Away Days’ that has everyone talking…

We’re talking about, of course, the one and only Tyshawn Jones and we’re hugely proud to present our exclusive interview with the young man from NYC to you now.

From rooming with Nakel to his thoughts on being a role model, through the announcement of Daewon and MJ, Tyshawn may well not be the most talkative soul but his word have a sincerity that belie his young age.

Come back next week for the final instalment of our exclusive adidas Away Day’s interviews when we sit down with the one and only Mark Suciu – it’s quite possibly the best interview we’ve ever done!

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