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Welcome Jordan Thackeray and Daryl Dominguez

Apr 2018 by Route One

We are more than stoked to announce Jordan Thackeray and Daryl Dominguez as the Latest two rippers to join the ranks of the Route One Skate Team!

daryl dominguez bs smith grind welcome to route one skateboard team

Normally we would write a bit about how good the guys are and a bit about their background. However we feel neither of these dudes need any introduction as their skating speak for itself. 

jordan thackeray stalefish welcome to route one skate team

To celebrate we grabbed Daryl, a couple of cameras and headed over to Jordans neck of the woods to experience some of the lesser seen crust essex has to offer. 
Filmed and edited by Alex Diss
Photo James Griffiths 


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