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Yoshi Tanenbaum -
Yoshi Tanenbaum - "Transplants Part"
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Yoshi Tanenbaum - "Transplants Part"

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Yoshi Tanenbaum seems like a name you probably may not be familiar with, especially with undiscovered yet ridiculously talented kids popping up left, right, and centre.
Bringing himself recognition through winning The Berrics "Bang Yo Self" video submission competition and more recently the Damn Am in Atlanta, even though his ankles had to be double strapped after gaining injuries from a long filming trip through Korea, he still managed to bag himself a well earned 1st place.
With such established high profile winnings under his belt, Yoshi went on to meet with Chris Pastras and secure himself a spot on the Stereo skateboards team and soon after a place on the Nike SB flow team through his east coast  shop sponsor, Palace 5ive.

Yoshi is a proper East coast grafter who isn't afraid to risk it for a trick in order to do the best he can possibly do, and this "Transplant's part" is no exception for him. The Transplants video an independent New York City skate video by Zach Moore. Featuring Yoshi Tanenbaum, Mike Heikkila, Pat Gallaher, Alex Conn, Josh Manoles, Zach Moore, Michael Bruch, and Jason Sherman.

This video has some properly crusty spots and particularly good skateboarding.
To grab yourself a digital download hit this here below link and enjoy.

- Transplants video download -

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