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Alexey Krasniy – Spanish Castle Magic

May 2023 by Louis Parsons

Despite lacking the rights to the Jimi Hendrix banger of the same name, Alexey Krasniy in Spanish Castle Magic for Free Skate Magazine succeeds in some sorcery of his own, fulfilling the nigh-impossible task of sourcing an assortment of Barcelona-based spots previously unseen on film, and shutting them down in the process. Barcelona is renowned for being one of the world's greatest skate cities and with a reputation that weighty comes plenty of exposure on film. The fact that Alexey has conceptualised a clip unlike anything we've ever seen of Barca before is no mean feat and makes for great viewing. Oh, and, if you feel like it, you can totally stick your earphones in and listen to the Jimi tune anyway (it fits!). 

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