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'Assets' by Quentin Guthrie

Apr 2023 by Route One

It's a brave move by a filmer to put their name in the title (or at least not demand the hosting website hides their moniker right at the bottom of the article) but when a video is as great as 'Assets' we're not surprised Aussie-in-London Quentin Guthrie wants everybody to know he made it.

The Antipodean master lensman pointed his 4:3 rig at a whole host of the UK's finest talent and produced a belter of a seven minute clip that Free Magazine are justifiably pushing hard. Featuring Dale Starkie, Charlie Munroe, Dom Henry, Dee Collins, Matlok Bennett-Jones and more, the cast list reads like a who's who of who's hot right now. Which means anyone clicking play is in for one heck of a treat!

You know what to do...

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