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Conor Charleson's Slight Inclination

Oct 2023 by Route One

What does Conor Charleson have a slight inclination for? A seven minute video part hosted by Free magazine? More filmers than there are days in the week? The ability to make the most difficult skateboarding manoeuvres look supremely graceful? Because he's got all of that and more in this amazing new part, edited by the one and only Dan Magee!

Known via his Insta handle as Plussizesk8r, Conor isn't your typical teenage waif but the Welshman in London doesn't let that proverbial dad-bod stop him from putting out one of the best British parts we've seen all year. With an assortment of insane terrain that ranges from the palaces Buckingham to Crystal, countries UK to Bulgaria, this is the kind of best-of-British showcase we ought to be exporting out around the world!

Click play to get that top tier hype and inspiration, you'll have way more than a slight inclination to go skating after watching this!

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