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Fabiana Delfino 'Fast AF'

Oct 2023 by Route One

Fresh from her industry shaking move to Etnies, Santa Cruz Skateboards' Florida connection Fabiana Delfino is dropping footage left, right and centre. It makes sense to clear things out to start a-new and it means we, the viewing public, get a footage dump to relish - it's a win for everyone involved (except perhaps her previous shoe sponsor)!

On top of last week's Monster Energy 'Swamp Week' part and her recent 'Uncut' release of European footage for Santa Cruz, Fabi is now going in hard for bearing manufacturer Bronson in this appropriately titled vid 'Fast AF,' taking that Delfino spirit to some crusty-ass ditches and hillbombs that would make the GX1000 boys think twice!

As well as the clip below, as if a Bronson part wasn't enough, Monster have dropped Episode 10 of their 'Aspire - Inspire' series (just type that into Youtube), chronicling the sessions behind the aforementioned 'Swamp Week' part. For fans of Fabiana Delfino, it really doesn't get much better than the footage fest this week!

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