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Gabriela Mezatto

Apr 2023 by Route One

Since the Berrics took back control of the Berrics you have to admit their content release game has really stepped up. Mixing in-house footage with hosting worldwide releases for brands they work with, the move away from corporate ownership seems to have really put the wind back into the website's sails!

In partnership with Spanish board manufacturer Jart, this brand new pro part from Gabriela Mezatto gets the world wide exposure it really deserves. And it's because of the recent push to share even more exlusive content that we're aware of it and pointing it out to you now!

Pro status is something that doens't just happen willy nilly and it's easy to see why the head honchos at Jart have promoted Gabriela to the top ranks. Ledge tech at Vale do Anhangabaú, rail tricks in LA; Ms Mezatto has been putting in the work and a board with her name on it is her just deserts.

Congrats Gabriela, you've earned it!

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