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Side Mission

Apr 2023 by Route One

It's not every day a drinks company releases something that essentially constitutes a full length video (was You Good? the last?) but with the budgets available at their disposal we wish it was a little more commonplace, as this piece from Monster Energy is sick!

Forged through a summer of demos throughout Europe, 'Side Mission' is literally a product of the times spent away from the main purpose of the tour. Featuring near enough full sections from Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair, Lizzie Armanto, Nyjah Huston and more, this is a star studded affair that takes advantage of the numerous street spots the European capital circuit has to offer.

With that in mind, we really must acknowledge how glad we are the powers that be factored in enough time for the crew to get out into the streets between demos - the resulting vid really is top notch and showcases some of the very best in the world having it in Europe. What more could you possibly want!?!

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