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This is Not the New Sour video

Aug 2023 by Route One

Regular readers of our skate-centric bloggings will be more than familiar with the high regard in which we hold Sour Skateboards' head honcho Gustav Tønnesen. A veritable renaissance man, excelling with both his film making eye and on-board wizardry, our feelings for Gustav are peak man-crush. Understandably, it sent our hearts all a-flutter when we saw Free Magazine was due to release a brand spanking new Sour video this week and we're thrilled to report it doesn't disappoint (as if Gustav ever could!).

Featuring all the usual faces, from Vincent Huhta to Nisse Ingemarsson, as well as some standout footwork from close friend Tyler Surrey, Gustav's creative endeavours have once again delivered the goods for us all to enjoy.

And the best thing of all? If the title is to be taken literally, and this isn't the new Sour video, we're now getting hyped for the promise of the actual new Sour video, whenever that may come!

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