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"What I do yo?" A Kevin 'Spanky' Long Mixtape

May 2023 by Route One

Not content with interviewing Alexis Sablone on a last-minute trip to NYC, or getting the lowdown on Tyshawn and Bill for GQ magazine, Altofts' most celebrated son Farran Golding has branched out into Instagram reel re-editing for Closer magazine and the result might just be our favourite clip of the week!

Everybody loves Spanky, that goes without saying. Part of the City Stars alumni crew that also included P-Rod, Spanky is still at the top of his game but focuses his interest on quirky kerbs and impossible slappy scenarios. His progression of skateboarding is equal parts relatable and inspiring, meaning pretty much anyone watching his Instagram clips ends up with a big old grin on their face and five new trick ideas for the next session.

Throw that all together with Farran's customary care and consideration and you've got a part ready to hype the masses the world over. What more do you really want from your skateboard media!?!

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