Bonfire Snowboarding

Bonfire Outerwear is a very important part of the snow community, they started out over 25 years ago in the US Pacific Northwest when they decided to throw their boards into a bonfire as a sacrifice for better and more snow. Their outerwear is designed by snowboarders, for snowboarders - so you can be sure they know exactly what they’re doing. Bonfire Outerwear has been tried and tested by boarders all over the globe to ensure their gear can withstand all types of weather conditions.

5 products
  1. Bonfire Ether Insulated 2020 Snowboard Jacket - Black

    £199.99 £159.99

  2. Bonfire Zone 2L Stretch 2020 Snowboard Pants - Black

    £169.99 £118.99

  3. Bonfire Vector Insulated 2020 Snowboard Jacket - Black

    £164.99 £114.99

  4. Bonfire Surface Stretch Snowboard Pants - Black

    £159.99 £79.99

  5. Bonfire Blackline Gold Collection Snowboard Pants - Black

    £134.99 £67.50