With one of the wides ranges of wheels to ever exist, OJ have a wheel for every one of your needs. Ranging from 42mm street wheels to the widest soft wheels on the market. OJ come from NHS, who are responsible for Santa Cruz, Creature and Independent Trucks.

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  1. OJ Nora The Explora Hardline 101a Skateboard Wheel - 53mm


  2. OJ Raybourn Honey Elite Hardline 101a Skateboard Wheel -...


  3. OJ From Concentrate 101a Team Wheel - 53mm


  4. OJ Nora Waves Elite EZ Edge 101a Skateboard Wheel - 53mm

    £39.95 £24.95

  5. OJ Townley Universals Elite 101a Skateboard Wheel - 53mm

    £39.95 £19.95