Specialising in premium, natural, male grooming products, UpRoar’s motto is “created with conscience” and it’s clear from their products that they mean it. From body wash, pomade, beard oil to deodorant, UpRoar keep one eye on the environment, with the other making sure you look and smell your best at all times.

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  1. UpRoar Body Wash 100ml

    £9.99 £4.99

  2. UpRoar Shave Foam 100ml

    £12.99 £6.99

  3. UpRoar Moisturiser 100ml

    £13.99 £6.99

  4. UpRoar Clay Pomade 90g

    £14.99 £9.99

  5. UpRoar Deodorant 50ml

    £8.99 £4.99

  6. UpRoar Beard Oil 10ml

    £8.99 £4.99