Helena Long

Helena Long Skate Team

AGE : 27

FAVOURITE SPOT : Copenhagen basketball court and the thing that looks like a Mexican hat.

FAVOURITE SHOE : Vans Slip On Pros

FAVOURITE BOARD GRAPHIC : There’s a few but I do love Neil Blender’s G&S Coffee Break

BEST PLACE YOU'VE VISITED THROUGH SKATEBOARDING? : Japan and Cambodia - more travels that I brought my board along to but skated with some amazing people over there!

SKATER WITH THE BEST STYLE : Jordan Thackeray, Alex Hallford, Sam Beckett, Sox and Daryl Dominguez.

FAVOURITE SKATE VIDEO : Always loved Albion for some pure British skating. Big fan of the Parkour vid out of Montreal and Skate Witches’ SRSLY of course.

FAVOURITE BANDS / MUSICIANS : My band mates Laura, Brad and Ed.

FAVOURITE TV SHOWS : The Great British Bake Off

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE OF SKATEBOARDING? : I play the drums in the band Upset Stomach with some of my fave pals, go to exhibitions and do some illustration stuff here and there.

DEFINITIVE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR : Cycling through the Canadian Rockies on a 7x gear town bike with full 60litre backpacks and skateboards alongside bears, wolves, mountain goats and elk with no camping mat or pillow and living off cereal bars and pot noodles for two weeks....