Si Belson

Si Belson

HOMETOWN : London UK (right now)

HOME MOUNTAIN : Tignes/Mayrhofen/Hemel Snow Centre

YEARS RIDING : 12 or something, maybe more!

STANCE : Goofy

SPONSORS : Arbor Snowboards, Route One

BOARD : Right now Arbor Zygote 158

BINDINGS : Arbor Cypress Binding

BOOTS : Adidas Samba

OUTERWEAR : Powder hoody

ACCESSORIES : Flamingo and palm tree sunglasses/old short sleeve shirts


FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE : right now, Innsbruck area as its super easy to get to and it's fucking rad as shit!

FAVOURITE PEOPLE TO RIDE WITH : Route One boys, Schoph and Thrashmore, Dragon lodge fam, Chris Chatt, James North, Tom west, Ollie Plumley, Paul Vines, Raddison, Lewis Sonvico, James Sweet, the Simpson Bro's, pretty much everyone who goes to Springbreak, the list continues.. sorry if I forgot you!

BEST PLACE YOU'VE VISITED THROUGH SNOWBOARDING : Russia and Japan probably! Thanks Route One

SNOWBOARDER WITH THE BEST STYLE : Ollie Dutton and Sparrow for U.K. dudes and Sebbe De Buck, Spencer Shubert from other places! Too many to say! But if I had to name a few there you go!

FAVOURITE SHRED VIDEO/EDIT : Shakedown and Vivid as old school ones and the new Benchpress film is amazing because it's so different, VG, Postland flicks and Grindhouse vids and edits! Too many to pinpoint one...


FAVOURITE TV SHOWS : Jackass and KOTR! Heavy metal documentaries on you tube! Stranger things, Tales from the T-bar

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO WHEN NOT SNOWBOARDING : jewelley, guitar, skateboard, cycle, party, pizza, beer.