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Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson



The older of the two Simpson brother, Joe has only one thing in mind no matter what he's doing, just have the sickest time! Whether he's shredding the mountain, in the streets filming or at the bar, most likely all with his bro, he's always sending it to the max and we love him for that! On his board he oozes style and is always looking for new and creative ways to ride anything in his path. A joy to watch and ride with!
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Your go-to Route One clothing?

Go to Route One clothing, wow there’s too much nice stuff! Big fan of the cord trousers and all the t shirts are sick!

Preferred terrain to ride?

Street first, park second, blasting runs with a big crew third.

Favourite resort?

Avoriaz for all the crew shreds and it doesn't get much better than the Stash on a powder day.

Tell us a story from one of your shred trips?

First spot of a trip to Italy last winter, get the shot, pack everything up, get in the car to leave and realize i had been riding with the car and apartment keys in my open pocket... Spent 40 minutes pushing snow around with shovels searching and eventually found 'em.

Homies you like to ride with the most?

Jake of course, Sparrow’s always super hyped, any one that's hyped to shred and realizes how lucky we are to get to do this sport! I can’t handle it when people take this stuff for granted!

If you could have the style of any rider who would it be?

Style of any rider would be Forest Bailey probably, his mix of hammers steeze and creativity is on point.

What board do you ride? 

I ride the Drake Urban cause it’s got real nice pop and the flex stays the same which I like, and I can get a real tight stance which I very much enjoy.

Where and how did you first start riding? 

I started on family holidays then when we moved to France so really got into it.

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