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Zach Smith

Zach Smith



Don't be fooled by this face, Zach may be 13 years old, but he's been dropping hammers like he's a pro. Check out his instagram for endless clips and tricks, he'll be the one everyone will be talking about in a few years time.
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Route one and hoax

Where is your favourite skate spot?
Victoria park skatepark, bath

Your favourite skate shoe?
Vans slip ons

Favourite board graphic?
Welcome skateboards

Where is the best place you've visited through skateboarding?
Los angles

Your favourite skater with style?
Cj Collins, kader sylla, Louie Lopez 

Favourite musician/band?
Surf curse or current joys

Favourite TV show?
Death in paradise 

What do you do outside of skating?
I like biking playing football and just messing about

What would you say is the your most definitive moment in life so far?
Getting sponsored 


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