Snowboard Boots

Boots can be the most important purchase you make, a day on the mountain with the wrong boots will make your ride miserable. With our range we have all the options covered, whether it's a stiff or a soft boot, or either laces or quick lace systems you will easily find the perfect Boots at Route One

4 products
  1. DC Scout 2016 Snowboard Boots - Wild Dove

    £149.99 £109.99

  2. Burton Highline Boa 2016 Snowboard Boots - Grey/Red

    £174.99 £124.99

  3. Thirty Two Lashed 2016 Snowboard Boots - Dark Grey

    £209.99 £179.99

  4. Thirty Two STW Boa 2016 Snowboard Boots - Grey

    £174.99 £149.99