Billy Morgan


HOMETOWN : Southampton

WINTER HOME : Breckenridge and Mayrhofen

YEARS RIDING : 9 In Total – 6 Full Seasons

STANCE : Goofy

BOARD : Ride Buckwild

BINDINGS : Ride Rodeo Bindings

OUTERWEAR : Quiksilver

BOOTS : Ride Boots

GLOVES : Grenade gloves

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HOW DID YOU FIRST START SNOWBOARDING : I went skiing with my school and my mate Jon could board so he convinced me to give it a go. I’ve been addicted ever since

WHEN WAS YOUR FIRST COMPETITION : I had my first comp at my local slope when I was 15 I think I came 2nd and was insanely happy

WHAT’S YOUR BEST COMPETITION RESULT : Getting 2nd at the TTR 4* Mile High Slopestyle comp in Australia and also getting Best Trick. Stoked.

WHERE WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO GO RIDING : I’ve always wanted to hit some massive back-country. So Alaska I guess

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE : So far… Vans park in Mayrhoffen

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE IN THE UK : Halifax, at a Westbeach Jam Comp

DESCRIBE YOUR BEST DAY RIDING FROM LAST SEASON : Hmm. There was so many sick sessions last year. One I can remember well was a private shoot we had on a massive kicker that got built in Chatel. It had just snowed and the Snowcat left the landing as fresh untouched powder. I was there with Andy Nudds, Scott Mc Morris, Mike Austin, Joel Erith & Nelson Pratt. It was a pretty big booter so we were checking it out for a while before Scott dropped it and made it perfect. After that everyone had a sick shred on it with the Snowcat bringing us back up to the top so there wasn’t much of a hike to do. That was the 1st Backside Double Cork 1080 I got in powder. Everyone was buzzing after the session.

ASPIRATIONS FOR FUTURE SEASONS : This season I’m generally going to keep working on my tricks, I want to get a few more doubles and take my frontside and switch backside up to 1080′s maybe more. Also want to hit some pipe, see how that goes. Hit a load of comps and make a load of videos. Should be good!

FAVOURITE TRICK : Cab 7 or a cork 5 nose

FIRST TRICK OF THE DAY : My safety trick I guess id go backside 7.

DEFINITIVE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR : Winning the British Championship Big Air was pretty epic for me. I was so stoked. Or landing my 1st Double Cork thanks to Ben Knox and Luke Paul telling me to man up

FAVOURITE THING TO RIDE : I’d take a nice big kicker or really random jib any day of the week