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Vans Slip-On 59 Pro - (Anti Hero) Black/Allen
Vans AV Classic Skate Shoes - Navy/Gum
Vans Half Cab Pro Skate Shoes - White/Gum
Vans Authentic Plimsolls - (Golden Coast) Red/Blue/Check
Vans Classic Slip On - (Premium Leather) True White/ Mono
Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes - (Golden Coast) Red/Blue/Check
Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes - (Vintage) Quarry
Vans Crockett Pro Skate Shoes - Port Royale
Vans Chukka Boot - (Gold Mono) Black
Vans Chukka Boot - (Gold Mono) Crimson
Vans Era Skate Shoes - (Gold Mono) Black
Vans Era Skate Shoes - (Gold Mono) Crimson
Vans Chima Ferguson Pro Skate Shoes - (Cork) Rubber/Red
Vans Era Pro Skate Shoes - (Checkerboarders) Navy
Vans Authentic Shoes - (Mono) Eclipse
Vans Authentic Shoes - (Mono) Sun Dried Tomato
Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Mid Skate Shoes - Black/Black

Vans started with one shoe style, the Vans Authentic. Following the success, they released the Vans Era. Since their humble beginnings in 1966 the brand has distinguished itself into one of the most well-known footwear brands in the streetwear scene. They now have a whole range of shoes including the Vans Old Skool’s and Half Cabs, as well as apparel and accessories for the action sport community.