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Diamond Supply Co. DL98 High Top Socks - Red/Navy/Diamond Blue
Diamond Supply Co. DL98 Low Socks - Diamond Blue
Primitive HLFU Socks - White
Santa Cruz Fast Times Socks - Black
Pass Port Hi Socks 5 Pack - Black/White/Heather Grey
Supra No Show Socks 6 Pack - Black
Supra No Show Socks 6 Pack - White
Creature Black & Green Metal Socks - White
Creature Black & Green Metal Socks - Black
Diamond Supply Co. Un-Polo High Socks - Black/White
Diamond Supply Co. Rock Sport Socks - Black
Primitive Salute Socks - Black/Red
Primitive Salute Socks - Red/White
Primitive HLFU Socks - Black
Spitfire Hombre Socks - Black/Red
Spitfire Get Lit 2 Socks - Rasta Tie Die
Spitfire Biggerhead Socks - Red/White Tie Dye
Spitfire Biggerhead Socks - Black/ Yellow
Spitfire OG Classic Socks - White/Red/Blue
Real Kitten Lord Socks - Blood Red
Real #1 Fan Socks - White
HUF x Towelie Plantlife Socks - Black
HUF x Towelie Plantlife Socks - White

Trainer socks, ankle socks, crew socks, snowboard socks, 3-packs, we’ve got them all. What used to be the everyday essential and birthday gift from your Nan has now become an important accessory to your look and style. From the infamous HUF plantlife socks, to the ‘easy on the wallet’ Route One basics, and everything in between from brands like DGK, Diamond, 40s and Shorties, Vans and Stance, you’ll find what you need here.