Free Skate Day - Thanks

For 2015 Route one and Supra footwear joined forces to bring you the Free Skate Day event.
Held over 2 days and at 4 skateparks, the two teams from Route one had to travel near and far to cover the UK, and give shed loads of prizes to those that attended and gave it their best!

This time around the voting format was changed to give participating skateparks a real push to get their communities behind them to increase chances of winning the £1000 park development fund.
Pioneer, Kaos, Spit & Sawdust and The House all gave it their best shot at getting the local scenes to vote for their local park and push for the prize.
Spit & Sawdust came out on top with an impressive 5273 votes giving them the overall winning total, earning themselves £1000 to spend in their park.

We will be catching up with the parks build progress, stay tuned…

"Thank you Route One, Supra and everyone who voted for us! We can't believe we've won. We are going to spend the grant on resurfacing all our ramps in top quality birch ply. It will also pay for building the new middle section which we change every 8 months or so, and any left over we will use for general improvements to the building"
Christian - (Spit & Sawdust)

Free Skate Day Free Skate Day


Free Skate Day