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Mi-Pac Jungle Tigers Duffel Bag - Multi/Black
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - All Black
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - All Charcoal
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Royal/Navy
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Burgundy/Navy
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Deep Purple/Navy
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Navy/Red
Mi-Pac Tonal Backpack - Black/Charcoal Grey
Mi-Pac All Stars Backpack - Deep Purple
Mi-Pac Stars Backpack - Navy/Red
Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack - Bright Red
Mi-Pac Polka Dot Backpack - Black/Grey
Mi-Pac All Polka Backpack - Black/White
Mi-Pac All Polka Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Skulls Backpack - Grey
Mi-Pac Peonies Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Russian Dolls Backpack - Black/Gold
Mi-Pac Russian Dolls Backpack - Natural/Red
Mi-Pac Jaguar Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Galaxy Backpack - Grey
Mi-Pac Canvas Dot Backpack - Grey/Black
Mi-Pac Canvas Dot Backpack - Black/Blue
Mi-Pac Elephants Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Elephants Backpack - Blue
Mi-Pac Elephants Backpack - Mint
Mi-Pac Quilted Backpack - Dark Green
Mi-Pac Quilted Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Crepe Backpack - Blue
Mi-Pac Crepe Backpack - Red/Black
Mi-Pac Crepe Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Houndstooth Backpack - Black/Gold
Mi-Pac Felted Polka Backpack - Grey/Blue
Mi-Pac Felted Chevron Backpack - Charcoal/Black
Mi-Pac Tartan Backpack - Black Watch/Yellow
Mi-Pac Tartan Backpack - Burgundy
Mi-Pac Basket Weave Backpack - Navy/Red
Mi-Pac Denim Palm Backpack - Indigo
Mi-Pac Denim Patch Backpack - Stonewash/Indigo
Mi-Pac Alpine Backpack - Black/Cream
Mi-Pac Digi Camo Backpack - Grey/Black
Mi-Pac Herringbone Backpack - Light Grey
Mi-Pac Boucle Backpack - Black/Multi
Mi-Pac Felt Winter Floral Backpack - Light Grey
Mi-Pac Felt Meso Backpack - Navy/Multi
Mi-Pac Space Dye Backpack - Black/Blue
Mi-Pac Neoprene Dot Backpack - All Black
Mi-Pac Classic Duffel Bag - All Black

Whether it’s a new school bag, college rucksack, or a weekend travel bag, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range features everything from the classically styled Mi-Pac backpack through to North Face Duffel bags, and skatepacks from the likes of DC, Volcom, Dakine, and Nike.