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Converse Sawyer Skate Shoes - White/White
Converse All Star Hi-Top Trainers - Navy
Converse All Star Lo Plimsolls
Converse All Star Hi-Top Trainers - Black
Converse All Star Lo Plimsolls

Converse’s first major moment was when Chuck Taylor joined the company. Taylor doesn’t need too much of an introduction for his name is synonymous with the Converse brand but let’s just say, he was a massive basketball fan and had the right vision about the footwear the players needed, and thus, the All Star was born. Things just kept getting better and better for the company and by 1935 Jack Purcell, the world Badminton champion, has his own signature shoe made, the Jack Purcell sneaker.

Converse continued to inspire generations of basketball fans and, since the Rock & Roll movement, music fans with their classic designs. And now over a century on their footwear can be found worn throughout the world on the feet of those who wish to reflect on the rich history of converse, basketball and modern music.