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Vans Old Skool Pro Skate Shoes - Black/White
 Vans Alameda Shirt - Poseidon/Blue Ashes
Vans Classic Crew - Black/White Outline
Vans Lismore Jacket - Dress Blues
Vans Port Patch Pullover Hoodie - Black
Vans OTW Pullover Fleece - Blueprint/White
Vans Classic Pullover Hoodie - Dress Blues/Rhubarb
Vans Classic Zip Hoodie - Concrete Heather/Poseidon
Vans Core Basics Zip Hoodie - Dress Blues Heather
Vans Core Basics Zip Hoodie - Black Heather
Vans Classic T-Shirt - Navy/Rhubarb
Vans Classic T-Shirt - Mint/Blue Ashes
Vans Classic T-Shirt - Athletic Heather/Poseidon
Vans Classic T-Shirt - Burgundy/Whitecaps
Vans OTW Raglan T-Shirt - White/Poseidon
Vans OTW Raglan T-Shirt - Heather Grey/Cardinal
Vans Classic L/S T-Shirt - Athletic Heather/Poseidon
Vans Laces 36''- Pewter

Vans first shoe was the Vans #44, now a classic known as the Vans Authentic and was sold directly from their factory. In 1975 Vans upped their game by working with skate legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta to create the Vans #95, a shoe that with its wide choice of colours became the first choice for a generation of skateboarders. This shoe, now known as the Vans Era still continues to inspire, through its history, the skate culture of today.

Vans are famous for their collabs and often work with other brands to release a premium and limited selection of low, mid and hi-top footwear that reflect on the history of skating. Recent collabs can be seen with such companies as Spitfire, Skateboarder Magazine, Rebel8 and Independent Trucks. Vans have also spread their wings from just making shoes and now have a large range of clothing and accessories from t-shirts and shirts to bags and hats and now even iPhone cases, all embellished with classic Vans logos. So go get ‘Off the Wall’ and grab yourself a piece of skate heritage.