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WeSC Eddy Denim Jeans - Washed Out
WeSC Eddy Denim Jeans - Clean Ash
WeSC Peter Denim Jeans - Washed Out
WeSC Eddy Chinos - Corn Stalk
WeSC Dastari Bomber Jacket - Blue Iris
WeSC Gino Knitted Sweater - Blue Iris
WeSC Lye Shirt - Winter White
WeSC Mopedoz Longsleeve T-Shirt - White
WESC Cap Toe Low Shoes - Washed Out
WESC Cap Toe Low Shoes - Off White
WESC Post Racer Low Shoes - Black
WESC Post Racer Low Shoes - Pale Grey
WESC Post Racer Low Shoes - Dark Shadow
WESC Off Deck Sneaker Shoes - Off White
WESC Bulcher Low Shoes - Caramel Leather
WESC Brougue Bulcher Low Shoes - Tortoiseshell Suede
WeSC Alessandro Denim Jeans - Washed Out
WeSC Frithiof Sweatshirt - Grey Melange
WeSC Mopedoz Pullover Hoodie - Black
WeSC Mopedoz Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Dark Shadow
WeSC Overlay Hooded Sweat - Grey Melange
WeSC x Stereo Clint LS Shirt - White
WeSC Eddy Denim Jeans - Used Rinse
WeSC Bength Parka Jacket - Olive
WeSC Abdon Plaid Shirt - Winter White
WeSC Vilson Knit - Mixed Indigo
WeSC Vilson Knit - Winter White
WeSC Lawrence Shoes - Walnut
WeSC Eddy Chino Trousers - Lark
WeSC Be Brogue Shoes - Date
WeSC Bo Shoes - Oxblood
WeSC Macoy Shirt

WeSC Macoy Shirt

£74.99 £59.99
WeSC Autobahn T-Shirt

WeSC Autobahn T-Shirt

£29.99 £19.99
WeSC Bob Denim Jeans - Used Rinse

The idea was to create a street fashion brand, a brand that represented street fashion - not streetwear. WeSC felt that the purpose contained more than just t-shirts and jeans, a broader selection of clothing for men and women. None of what they wanted to achieve was to be found in the distribution network that they related to. Today WeSC is available in more than 20 countries around the world.

WeSC is addressing people with awareness, regardless of race, religion or financial background. These people all share the values and lifestyle of the WeSC founders. They deliver 'life after skate', a more developed style that also targets people outside the skateboard community, but still shares its values. The particular 'We-feeling' and community feeling in the skateboard culture is an ever present important key element in day to day operations of the company.