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Tom Schaar Lands First Ever 1080°
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Tom Schaar Lands First Ever 1080°

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Last weekend Tom Schaar achieved what several pros have been trying for years - the 1080.

Watch the video, pick your jaw up off the floor and watch it again!

(Remember this kid is TWELVE YEARS OLD!!!)

“It probably took me about a year to get comfortable with the MegaRamp, just skating it and going over the gap and going that high on the quarter pipe. I’m used to going 6 feet above the quarter pipe, not 15!” said Tom looking back on his first experience riding the MegaRamp.

”I did it fifth try, which I thought it would take me three days of trying it 40 times. I was definitely high enough and I could tell I was definitely spinning fast enough and right about at the 720 (second spin), I saw the coping again and I was still two to three feet above the coping. I got around that last 360 and I was just amazed,”.

“This is the first session that Tom even attempted the 1080,” said Jeff Jewett, Part-Owner of MegaRamp. ”His 720′s – phenomenal. His 900′s on Mega – one of the best. But 3-26-2012 is the first day he ever attempted a 1080 and he got it in 5 tries – phenomenal.”

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