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5 Minutes on the Clock

Jun 2023 by Route One

Eagle eyed fans of Spanish Mike, long time Primitive filmer and Bonafide P Rod mentor, will have seen he introduced the new series '5 Minutes on the Clock' to his Youtube channel a few weeks ago. If it some how passed you by, worry not as we have the latest link for you to hit up below and boy, is it a doozy!

The premise is as basic as it gets; film a skater for five minutes at the Primitive park, then upload it to Youtube. It really is that straight forward! But, as the old adage says, the simplest ideas are always the best and this makes thoroughly entertaining viewing. Who needs full length team videos, three years in the making!?!

And whilst the first few episodes were kinda under-the-radar affairs, with Mike opening up the gambit with Jonny Hernandez and Daniel Scales, sh*t just got real as legendary pro Felipe Gustavo is the latest to take the reins. Proving just how consistent he is, from the basics right through to his signature moves, Felipe brings the heat. Honestly, the first minute alone will blow your mind. Get involved by clicking that play button now!

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