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Aussie Bowl Thrashin’
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Aussie Bowl Thrashin’

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Ever heard of Aussie ripper Jack Fardell? Neither had we until Monday. Apparently the lad is the Australian bowl champion; what we do know is his latest part just appeared on the Thrasher website this week and Thrasher doesn’t just put up random parts unless they’re special. So, we sat down to watch the section, ready to be shocked.

Truth be told the first minute and a half of street stuff is gnarly but nothing out of this world but then the bowl stuff comes in. Who the hell flies 5ft out on a back disaster!?! When you remember that every little village down under has a concrete park it soon dawns on you that to be the “Australian bowl champion” you are gonna have to be one gnarly son of a gun and Jack Fardell is certainly that.

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